How to Know if Commercial Chillers Need Repairs or Replacement

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Commercial chillers are a critical component that requires close attention if they are to provide the efficient cooling you need. When your chiller isn’t working as it should, it is normal to wonder whether it just needs repairs or if you will need to have it replaced. The good news is that a wide variety of problems can be addressed with repairs. The only situations in which you might want to consider replacement instead involve an outdated system, extreme energy bills, or frequent repairs.

Commercial chillers are a critical component

The three main symptoms of problematic commercial chillers include not turning on, insufficient fluid flow, and unsatisfactory cooling. Let’s delve into what could be causing these particular problems that can usually be addressed with chiller repair services.

When commercial chillers don’t turn on, the problem generally is a blown circuit breaker or fuse, malfunctioning power switch, a line voltage problem, or a loose connection. If your chiller isn’t pumping fluid properly, it can indicate a line voltage fluctuation, low fluid, a process line is kinked, there is a refrigerant leak, the fluid filer is clogged, or the pump is failing. Less-than-ideal cooling can be caused by a blocked condenser, clogged air filter, iced evaporator coil, or deteriorated heat transfer situation.

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