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With our experienced energy management products & services, you could drastically reduce your energy costs.

When someone is deciding between two refrigerators, often the energy efficiency takes a backseat to the bells and whistles that grab the consumer’s attention. As the owner of a commercial building, you can’t be that complacent about energy costs, as energy management is critical to keeping your profit margins where you need them to be. At Aircon Mechanical Systems Inc., we aren’t just the provider of quality HVAC products. We offer extensive energy management services to maximize your energy savings.

Energy-Efficient Retrofits in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario

The first step is to determine where you are at now. With an energy audit and assessment of your building, we can determine where improvements could be made to lower your energy costs. There may even be utility incentives available to defray the cost of the audit. There are three levels of audits: walk-through analysis, energy survey analysis, and detailed analysis of capital-intensive modifications.

From there, we step into energy conservation and strategic planning that will identify and capture your best savings opportunities. There may be a variety of selected products and services that we can assist you with that will have a huge impact on your energy costs. These could involve such upgrades as boiler replacement or retrofit, chiller replacement or retrofit, or a building automation system. We can also advise you by identifying and maximizing incentive opportunities through utility companies and government agencies for energy management improvements.

Reach out today if you would like to get started learning about our energy management services that can significantly lower your energy costs.