Pinnacle Centre 12 and 16 Yonge Street, Toronto

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Two 44 and 48 storey residential condominiums

Energy Efficiency Retrofit

Our work consisted of:

  • Complete boiler room redesign and retrofit from atmospheric to high efficiency boilers
  • Supply and installation of Building Automation System
  • Supply and installation KVAR® EC power conditioning devices on inductive loads
  • Supply and installation of VFD’s on Cooling Tower and Fresh Air Units
  • Energy Management remote Monitoring via our office
  • Procurement of the available incentives for the completed work on behalf of the client
  • 24 Hour Building Automation Systems Monitoring services via our Office

All projected savings and incentive calculations performed by Trinity Energy Innovations Inc. were accurate within a 10% margin. Since all calculations are performed conservatively, actual results exceeded estimates.

This project went forth with Boiler Plants Upgrades, Building Automations Systems, VFD’s on MUA’s and Cooling Towers and Power Conditioning Devices as well as a 24 hour remote Build­ing Automation System monitoring schedule. They are now seeing a significant reduction in utility bills and have further interest to pursuit additional building upgrades. Trinity Energy obtained all incentives available for the project on the client’s behalf.

Actual Total Reported Savings per year for Natural Gas and Hydro $301,472.94
Actual Total Incentives Accrued from OPA and Enbridge $248,595.95
Cost of Completed Project $599,059.00
Actual Total Project Payback in Years 1.2 years
Projected 5 Vear Savings Based On Actual Reported Values $1,507,365.00