Reasons to Have Commercial HVAC Roof-Top Systems

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When you are either constructing a new commercial building or looking to do an energy-efficient retrofit, one of the things you’ll need to pay close attention to is the HVAC equipment. The efficiency and other benefits of each type of system contribute to your long-term energy costs, and the cost of the system determines your initial investment. Many commercial buildings benefit from roof-top systems for a variety of reasons.

making roof-top systems the ideal option

  • Space savings- Every foot of space in your building has to earn its keep, so to speak. Anything that doesn’t reduce your interior space is a plus, making roof-top systems the ideal option.
  • Maintenance- A compact roof-top system is far easier to maintain that other types of commercial HVAC systems.
  • Reduced noise- Productivity can be improved when you don’t have the noises coming from a traditional HVAC system. Roof-top systems run quietly, which is something the occupants will enjoy.
  • Reduced installation costs- Your HVAC company can easily get the equipment in place using equipment such as cranes and aerial lifts, rather than having to wrestle equipment into place inside the building, so your installation costs can often be lower.
  • Energy savings- Roof-top systems can save you hundreds, and perhaps even thousands, of dollars a year over an older model.

If you would like to know if your building is suitable for one of the HVAC roof-top systems that we offer at Aircon Mechanical Systems Inc., don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If your building is too tall or access is too dangerous, we can go over alternatives. Call today to learn more about our services in the Greater Toronto Area.