Energy Innovation Redefined

Aerial Lifts

In certain circumstances some Energy Retrofits or construction projects present unique logistical challenges that demand a certain expertise and plain old “know how” to solve and overcome.

Trinity Energy Innovations has completed many jobs that require just this. One of our areas of expertise is the use of Helicopters for aerial lifts in cases where the use a conventional crane is not possible or economically feasible.

By the utilization of a helicopter we eliminate the set up and tear down times seen with employing conventional cranes.

Some traditional problems or hurdles associated with conventional craning that can drive up costs or can eliminate the use of a crane are:

  • Insufficient reach or boom
  • Building access
  • Street overhead wires
  • Street closures and traffic
  • Positioning on underground parking below
  • Shoring requirements
  • Increased travel time for large cranes
  • Increased set up and tear down times with larger cranes
  • Transportation and rigging of Jibs

Some further advantages of aerial lifts by way of helicopter are:

  • Reduced lift time. 50% to 70% time savings.
  • Reduced manpower hours for total lift
  • No limits to building heights
  • Traffic control is not required
  • pricing is on a per lift basis
  • ease of operation

Trinity Energy Innovations can help you overcome those obstacles preventing the completion of your Energy Retrofit.


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